lørdag 26. juli 2014

26072014 - Carmen Villain "Sleeper"

No points for guessing I stumbled across this one as well while searching for Sleeper (and finding a different Sleeper). It would seem that I should have discovered her before, as this album, released last year, got quite a bit of attention. This is not surprising, considering that a) Carmen Villain aka Carmen Hillestad is also a model, which is always popular in the press, b) this album is released on Smalltown Supersound, a fave amongst the music press and c) this is the kind of shoe-fi/lo-gaze with references to Sonic Underground that you lose your creed card if you don't at least find interesting enough to form an opinion about. My opinion is that this is kinda cool, but not fantastic. There's more a feeling of coolness here than songs that grab my attention, but of course, as this is written after (well, actually during) my first listen of the album, this might very well be a grower. Will I ever find out? Well, we're just gonna have to wait and see…

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