fredag 11. september 2015

11092015 - Aphrodite's Child "666"

Equal parts fun and weirdness on this Greek psychedelic/progressive concept album from 1972. The music is composed by Vangelis Papathanassiou, with vocals done by Demis Rossous, actress Irene Papas and others. Although there are several songs here that bear repeated listens, it's all a bit much after a while, seeing as this is a double album and almost 80 minutes long - which is at least 30 minutes too much! Of course you gotta love the album title, as well as the fact that the album's concept centers around the Biblical Apocalypse, and just imagining these Greek hippie stoners coming up with this thing is pretty cool, but some heavy editing is needed (that's skipping some of the more "experimental" tracks plus the 19 minute long song towards the end to you and me) to make this something you want to sit through more than a couple of times...

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