torsdag 3. september 2015

03092015 - The Naysayer "Heaven, Hell or Houston"

No prizes for guessing what song I was looking for when this album turned up on my streaming player. So I check it out, and what comes out of my speakers is a voice slightly similar to early Sinéad O'Connor (in those moments when she sounded more annoyed than angelic), Sophie Moleta or early Liz Phair. There's folk in here, but also hints of Throwing Muses and their like. The songs might display a bit more attitude than catchiness, but there's a raw nerve here that keeps the listener interested. The Naysayer is (was?) the vehicle of singer/songwriter Anna Padgett, who on this album from 2002 was joined by Cynthia Nelson and Tara Jane O'Neill, none of whom I'm the least familiar with. If sparsely arranged songs that try (and sometimes succeed) to pierce your soul is your cup of blood, you could do a lot worse than checking out these songs.

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