mandag 7. september 2015

07092015 - Predator/Prey "Prey"

I just had to follow up from yesterday's post and check out the second of the two Predator/Prey records as well. And for the record, I have chosen to ignore the entire concept of each song being written from the perspective of an animal, as that it just too artsy-fartsy, hippy-dippy and pretentious for me and my masculine side, and am solely focusing on the music. Before playing this album I went back to "Predator", which did indeed grow on me, showing sides that remind me of both Fleet Foxes (the harmonies) and mostly forgotten favorites of mine My Latest Novel. According to the only review I have been able to find of these albums, "Prey" is supposed to be more acoustic based than "Predator", but I don't se that at all. If anything, "Prey" seems slightly darker at first listen, and again we're dealing with a bunch of songs that seem to promise a greater reward upon repeated listenings. And again I'm really not completely certain that I will spend that time on these pieces of music, as I had more moments of "Ah, I see what they tried to do here" than "Oooh, I like what they did there!" throughout. At least they kept me interested enough to check out two albums in a row, so I guess they are alright if not amazing.

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