søndag 6. september 2015

06092015 - Predator/Prey "Predator"

Another band I accidentally stumbled across while searching for something else, and ended up bookmarking just because I liked the album cover. I also dig the fact that they apparently released this album in February last year and the follow-up, "Prey", the next day, making this a twin album, not a double album. According to their facebook page this falls under the category "indie, alternative, experimental", and with song titles like "Unkindness of Ravens", "Skulk of Foxes" and "Priory of Panther" you can sense a kind of concept going on here (The songs on "Prey" are similarly titled "Plump of Grouse", "Run of Rabbits", "Piteousness of Doves" etc). And yes, their website lets us know that each song is written from the perspective of a different Canadian animal. So at least they are from Canada. I must admit that at first listen I'm not all that impressed. I can sense that there might be more beneath the surface here, and further listens might reveal a record with plenty to offer, but their twee-ish take on progressive indie rock is not what I crave right now, and I'm an impatient man. I should probably also listen to the accompanying album, which apparently is more acoustic where "Predator" boasts plenty of electric guitars, synths and general loud noises. I must also admit that the album is growing on me as I write this, gaining my interest more as it progresses, so how about you just watch this space...?

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