onsdag 2. september 2015

02092015 - Two Fingers of Firewater "Two Fingers of Firewater"

I have no idea how I stumbled across this album, but how can anyone not want to check out a band called Two Fingers of Firewater? I haven't been able to find much information about these very American sounding Brits, but it would seem that this is their first of two albums, released in 2008. A year or so after their sophomore effort, "Songs to Listen to" from 2011, there's a suspicious lack of updates on their Facebook page, suggesting that they have split up. Which is a shame really, as these country-tinged Jayhawks-meets-Teenage Fanclub-y songs with just a slight touch of psych rock are charming enough and possess the right amount of personality to show a promise of brighter things that apparently never came to be. Fans of The Byrds and The International Tussler Society alike should do themselves a favor and check out this album, perhaps along with two fingers of firewater on the rocks to put them in the right kind of mood.

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