mandag 28. juli 2014

28072014 - Cocteau Twins "Blue Bell Knoll"

I don't know why I never ended up checking out Cocteau Twins way back when (sorry Simon!), but there it is. After all, they were on 4AD, one of my favorite record labels, and it's not like I had to have the serrated guitars of Pixies and The Breeders (or even the rather less abrasive, but no less prominent ones of Throwing Muses and Lush) - after all, there was always Dead Can Dance. And listening now I know for a fact that I would have fallen totally in love with songs like "Carolyn's Fingers" and "For Phoebe Still a Baby" had I heard them back in 1988 when this album was released. Oh well, better late than never. Because here I am, more than a quarter of a century later, and this is me falling in love with those very songs right now. This is where dream pop started, and I'll wager that The Cure listened to this album while making "Disintegration" as well! I will now dive into the rest of the back catalogue...

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  1. Yo lo pude escuchar en el año en que salio a la venta y siempre me pareció una obra maestra este álbum.Continua siendo hoy en dia uno de mis discos favoritos.