lørdag 2. januar 2016

02012016 - Hallows Eve "Tales of Terror"

One of my favourite things about doing this blog, where every single day I listen to an album that I have never heard before, is finding old metal albums that I've been aware of for ages, but never got around to checking out the first time around. Especially the times said album turns out to be really good. One such gem is this one, released back in 1985. This was the American band's debut, and we're talking classic speed/thrash metal here. The eight tunes lunge at you like a pack of wild beasts with razor sharp teeth, and although there's not a whole lot here in the way of memorable choruses (with a couple of exceptions), the energy on display more than makes up for that. Apparently two of the original band members are planning to release another album as soon as they have a proper line up, so let's hope for some festival shows as well. A lost classic? Not really, but definitely a whole lot of fun, and an album I'll play again. And what more can you ask for?

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