mandag 4. januar 2016

04012016 - Daniel Romano "If I've Only One Time Askin'"

One from the best of 2015 lists here, and a durn good 'un too! This is pure and lovely heartfelt old school country music like Hank, Merle and Willie taught us. Romano's voice is more than a little on the Willie Nelson side too, not that there's anything wrong with that. This Canadian couldn't care less about Stetson posers and bro-country dimwits, but he's not in it to renew the genre either. And why should he? If it ain't broke why fix it, is one way of putting it. If the heart's broken you need proper country music to fix it, is another. And there's a whole lotta heartbreak to be found here. Easily the best traditional country album I have heard in ages!

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