onsdag 6. januar 2016

06012016 - Marulk "Marulk"

Today I'm wearing a t-shirt with the Swedish band Skogen Brinner, and if you're into cool hard rock you should check them out. It's that easy. Since they don't have anything new out at the moment I decided to see what my streaming player considers to be similar bands, and there, next to Kadavar, Horisont and Vidunder, all of whom I already know and dig, was Marulk. It's easy to see why this band would be recommended to fans of the others, as they are very much of the same ilk: 70's inspired and fitting in perfectly alongside the so-called wave of bands that of course also include Graveyard, Witchcraft and several others that have gained a lot of attention the last five years or so. And although there are obvious similarities they don't sound too much like any of the others. If anything, Vidunder and early Horisont sound a bit like Marulk, who released this album back in 2010. There are several cool songs here, but an extra special mention goes to the most excellently titled "Nosferatools"! While listening to the album and writing this thing I'm at first sad to discover that Marulk called it a day in 2014 after releasing one last single, but then I see that two of the members are now in the mighty Monolord, so all is good after all! Fucking Monolord, man...!

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