søndag 8. februar 2015

08022015 - Chicago "Chicago 16"

I was never much into Chicago back in the day. I was aware of them, knew the hits and that was just about it. Over the years I have softened, or rather broadened my horizons, so I was curious to see how a whole album by Peter Cetera, Bill Champlin and the rest of the band, greatly helped by producer/arranger/keyboardist David Foster as well as no less than four Toto (a band I really enjoy) members would sit with me today. Now, although I no longer break out in hives at monster ballad "Hard to Say I'm Sorry", my younger self would be happy to know that this is still a bit to polished for my taste. The diehards will of course scoff at my complaints, but my first impression remains a bland victory on this album of arrangement over songwriting. Style over substance, as it were. Not bad at all, but I choose to claim hipster cred by preferring their older stuff.

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