onsdag 25. februar 2015

25022015 - Emile Haynie "We Fall"

What the hell? And Why? And how did this happen? OK, so this is a producer who all of a sudden decided to release his own album featuring people he's produced and probably some people he hasn't as well. I couldn't care less, and spending time to do more research is giving this album more effort than it deserves. "We Fall" includes people like Lana Del Rey, Lykke Li, Randy Newman and Rufus Wainwright, which is why I checked it out in the first place. I mean, hey - when you get this crowd on your album you gotta have something special, right? RIGHT? Wrong. What he's done is try to make new tailor-made songs for his featured artists that just sounds like cast offs from their own releases, and so this record has no identity. The exact second this went from uninteresting to downright shitty was when he got that punch-me-in-the-throat vocalist from one of the most annoying bands on the face of the planet - Fun (no, I refuse to spell it like they do!) - on a song that sounds exactly like them! AAAAARGHHHH! I'm off to play some Venom now…

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