torsdag 12. februar 2015

12022014 - Peace "Happy People"

This British band is called Peace, and the description I find of their music is "breezy and atmospheric indie rock". Now, before we get into that, I need to address the fact that there seems to be a whole lotta Peaces out there in various genres, including what seems to be a christian rap rock group, a Canadian post-punk act, an instrumental jazzy troupe, a house act, some new age stuff that goes by real slowly and has pan pipes in it and shit plus guaranteed a lot more. But this is the Peace that just released an album, and what I do is give Peace a chance. So - the music… Breezy? Check. Atmospheric? Definitely not. Catchy? Sort of. Original? NAY! Worth spending a lot of time listening to? Oh, definitely not! I would list a bunch of bands you could compare them to, but frankly I can't be bothered. Just pick a random bunch of Brit indie bands from the crossroads where indie rock meets indie pop, and you're there.

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