torsdag 26. februar 2015

26022015 - Timber Timbre "Timber Timbre"

The first episode of Modern Family, season 5, is called "Suddenly, Last Summer", which is a brilliant song by The Motels. That song was not (as far as I could hear, anyway), featured in the actual episode. It is, however, featured on a WiMP playlist with music from Breaking Bad that I stumbled over for inspiration (there's so much cool music in that series!), and so is this band. And this is just lovely, in the same way that George Ezra, Sam Amidon or The Walkmen are. A warm, soulful voice - and just that ONE voice - accompanied by low key guitars, strings, some keys and slight percussion is mostly all it takes for them to create a folk noir vibe that will captivate your senses.

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