fredag 13. februar 2015

13022015 - Mass "Metal Fighter"

Mass, where were you when I started listening to hard rock? I would have loved you! This might look pretty damn METAL, and song titles like "Metal Man", "Fire From Hell" and "Night of Steel" could trick you into thinking this is a lot harder and heavier than it is, but although being released in 1983 it's far from the speed metal of the Venoms and Metallicas of the time. Now think Accept, Saxon, Priest or even AC/DC, and you're getting close. Oh, and feel free to add some Van Halen, UFO and early Manowar as well. No points for originality I guess, but as long as you have great songs, who cares? They even manage to cover "Born to Be Wild" without sounding pedestrian, and that is no mean feat! By the way, this is the German band Mass. We'll deal with the American Mass some other time...

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