lørdag 9. august 2014

09082014 - The Beach Boys "Sunflower"

I have never claimed to be a Beach Boys expert. I know their hits plus some of their better known sixties albums, but I never did dive into their deep catalogue. The reason I chose to check out this 1970 album in particular, was the fact that it has "Tears in the Morning" on it, a song I only recently learned was a Beach Boys tune, having loved the Thulsa Doom version for years. There you go, you learn something every day! So let me first of all say that while the original version of said track is undoubtably pretty good I believe I will always prefer Thulsa Doom's recording. Sacrilege? Whatever. As for the rest of the album, there's definitely some nice enough songs on here, but calling it a classic would be a stretch. Kudos for posing with their kids in Dean Martin's garden for the cover photo, though.

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