onsdag 27. august 2014

27082014 - Silver Apples "The Garden"

Über-psychedelic pop music, recorded in 1970, but apparently not released until 1998. By that time the band, who had been inactive since Pan Am sued their collective asses of over the band's second album cover in 1969, had gotten back together. Well, sort of anyway, as the band were really a duo and the 90's version only featured one of the original two. Adding to the quirkiness of this release is the fact that about half of the tracks have the word "noodle" in the song title. So that's "Tabouli Noodle", "Cannonball Noodle", "Cockroach Noodle", "Swamp Noodle", "Anasazi Noodle", "Starlight Noodle", "Straight Noodle" and "Fire Ant Noodle". It's mostly just plain nonsense, but their version of "Mustang Sally" is worth a spin.

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