torsdag 14. august 2014

14082014 - Dead Sara "Dead Sara"

Dead Sara. Dead who, you say? I must admit that this is the first time I hear the band, so I really couldn't tell. But it's rock. Hard and bluesy rock with a really great vocalist in Ms. Emily Armstrong. She lifts even the most generic songs on their 2012 debut album, and there are a couple, and makes them soar where a lesser vocalist - especially a male one - would have made the same song just embarrassing and more soulless with each piercing scream. And believe me, she can scream with the best of them, but she never gets annoying or dumb. And on songs like the single "Weatherman" everything falls into place, including the generally great guitars courtesy of Ms. Siouxie Medley, and both chorus, groove and all other details seem perfect. All in all a flawed, but generally pretty cool album. Now let's hope the next doesn't veer off into American Radio territory, but dares to explore the blues and the harder rock bits even more!

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