fredag 15. august 2014

15082014 - Rachael Gordon "The Coming of Spring"

I probably never would have heard about Ms Gordon if not for the fact that she's Ace Frehley's current fiancée and has co-written a couple of songs on his latest album, "Space Invader". And although I wouldn't say that this is bad I wouldn't say it's impressive either. The songwriting is ok, and on the best of the songs here kind of Bangles-ish, but in general it's all pretty generic, with the bland performance to match. This album was released back in 2004, and her contributions on Ace's album are quite good, so I will check out a new album from her if she makes a new one. This album, however, is the musical equivalent to a paper plane that has been left out in the rain. Kind of sodden and not about to take flight.

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