lørdag 23. august 2014

23082014 - Hvitmalt Gjerde "Ville Venner"

I decided to give this one a listen before I even realized that they are from Bergen. I just wanted to see what the hype was all about. Now, the last time I checked out a hyped band from Bergen I wasn't too impressed. And this time? Well, the music itself is… charming enough in its own jingly-jangly way, I guess. At first, at least. But the vocals are extremely annoying. I guess the "barely-hanging-together"-sound is what they are going for in the first place, but there's a difference between sounding loose and nearly falling apart completely. The further into the album I get, the more annoying it all is, and halfway through I want to strangle the singer with his own microphone chord, pour battery acid on his vocal chords and force the guitar player to learn a power chord! I really don't see the point in this album, and I will never listen to it again. I'm sure the reviews are great, just because people won't admit that this is just utter shite, but are afraid not to be part of the hype. Well again the emperor has no clothes, and Bergen's indie scene (or whatever, just don't call this rock!) has proven its worthlessness. Why can't they all just be like Audrey Horne?

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