søndag 10. august 2014

10082014 - Fejat Sejdić "Guardian Angel and Lost Lamb"

Going back to the list of the 20 most underrated albums of all time that I once came across, here is another gem. This album probably doesn't really belong on the list because I would guess that to most people it's too unknown to be underrated and those who are into music from the Balkan area probably rate this highly. Anyway, Mr. Sejdić and his orchestra delivers some fine music, including an interpretation of "Amazing Grace" that adds some spring to the song, and several other trumpet led tunes that would not seem too out of place on a Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass record. They also do a track, "Condor's Flight", that emulates "El Condor Pasa", while "Nightingale Chicken" goes all Mexican disco on us. An entertaining listen whether your preferred tipple is tequila or plum hooch.

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