mandag 3. februar 2014

03022014 - Houndmouth "From the Hills Below the City"

First of all, I have to express my gratitude to the fine-feathered people at P13 and their show "Stjernepose" with Tarjei & Totto, who have taken interest in my little blog thingy and the point of view for which it stands. As purveyors of music loving we are on the same side, fighting the good fight" Today I listened to the program "Felbergs Loft" through the magic of web radio, and I instantly fell in love with Houndmouth. My instant reaction to the songs on this album is one of pure loving enjoyment, but at the same time I get just the tiniest bit annoyed that this band is completely overlooked by people who (including me) worship Alabama Shakes and Civil Wars. And that other, really annoying, band. Anyway, the combination of old school The Band-ish stuff, newer bands like The Jayhawks an REALLY NEW stuff, like the aforementioned Shakes'n'Wars plus the dual male/female vocals are the icing on a cake that gets its sweetness from some of the best damn songs I have heard in ages! Check out this album if you're even remotely interested in good music!

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