tirsdag 4. februar 2014

04022014 - Orang-Utan "Orang-Utan"

I love to stumble across obscure rock bands, and this UK group is all of that and more! This is their only album, released in 1970, and everything from the album cover to song titles like "I Can See Inside Your Head" and "Chocolate Piano" tells you that this one is a hardrocking, riffrolling, swinging simian beast of an album with just the perfect combination of hard blues, soulful vocals and great songs. There are hints of psych and prog here, but basically this is just a wonderful classy and heavy-ish rock album! As with many other bands from that era, Orang-Utan folded without ever making it big, but any fan of Taste, Cream or Vanilla Fudge should check this out!

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