torsdag 6. februar 2014

06022014 - Pride Tiger "The Lucky Ones"

This is another one I accidentally stumbled across while looking for something else (that might be featured later). I liked both the band name, the album cover and the fact that three of the members used to be in 3 Inches of Blood, so c'mon let's go! This, however, is far from the completely over the top heavy metal barrage that 3"oB used to deliver, but rather a cool sounding 70's inspired rock band that could just as well have been Scandinavian if they hadn't been Canadian. Their Thin Lizzy credentials are intact, but without the clone factor, and the material is both strong and varied, with plenty of cool rocking, as well as breathing space with acoustic guitars and wood flute. This album was released in 2007 and by 2009 the band had disbanded, leaving only this release as their legacy. A shame, obviously, but who knows - in 30 years this album might have the same status as some of the cult records from the 70's by bands that suffered the same fate? Oh, and how can you not love a band that took their name from a combination of a Dio lyric and an apple based beverage? You just can't!

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