fredag 7. februar 2014

07022014 - Wolfmother "Cosmic Egg"

This is the album I had planned to check out yesterday when I got distracted by Pride Tiger. Apparently Tiger beats Wolf. Anyway, just like any other red blooded rocker I love Wolfmother's first album to bits, but their sophomore effort managed to escape my attention upon release. And then some. Why? To be honest, I expected it to, if not suck cosmic egg, at least be a huge disappointment. After all - with a debut album like theirs how could this come even remotely close? How do you follow up an album like "Wolfmother"? Apparently by not even trying. Yup, they knew that it would be ridiculous to try to top anthems like "Dimension" and "Joker and the Thief", so instead they build to their own formula with songs that are more complex, but still every bit as good. Opener "California Queen" is a steam engine, and songs like "White Feather" and the title track are both big and clever. Even the overtly radio friendly "Far Away" is not too cheesy. Simply a great album!

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