lørdag 15. februar 2014

15022014 - Steel Panther "All You Can Eat"

We all knew this day would come. If you read my first blog post I warned you all that I might from time to time listen to an album that's not yet released. It's one of the perks I have as a music journalist; getting albums before the release date. Believe me, there's been several since I started writing this blog, but I have resisted taking the easy way out and writing about those since... Let's just say I take pleasure in knowing that you can check out the stuff I just discovered. Well today you're out of luck, so until the END of next month you can just dream about being able to check out gems like "Bukkake Tears" and "Gangbang at the Old Folks Home". Some of you might already have heard the wonderful "Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World", and there's more where that came from! From the first listen you can tell that you will be singing along to these lyrics after just a couple of spins, and the tunes are still ridiculously catchy. Kings of Subtle they are not, but if you were looking for gentle innuendo you wouldn't seek it in the company of Steel Panther anyway. This band's lyrics are to James Bond's racy puns what a jet engine is to a butterfly. Next week I am seeing Steel Panther live again, and when they play the new songs I will be singing, nay, yelling along!

Bonus pic!

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