mandag 17. februar 2014

17022014 - Cactus "Cactus"

I have no idea why I have never properly checked out this band before. No idea, no excuse, no reason. It's not that I haven't heard a single tune, but I don't believe I have done the full album thing. So here I am, bowing my head in shame, while simultaneously tapping my feet and raising my glass! Because this is GOOD STUFF! I knew that, and so, most likely, did you, but here it is in print. This is so good, as a matter of fact, that I will do the rest of the Cactus catalogue shortly. Maybe over the next days, maybe spread over more time. Aaahhh, the lovely blues rock Messrs Bogert, Appice, McCarty and Day deliver makes me forget that it's February and ignore that it's Monday. Consider me a converted cactophile!

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