torsdag 20. februar 2014

20022014 - Cactus "'Ot 'N' Sweaty"

More Cactus anyone? Don't mind if I do! On this album original members Rusty Day and Jim McCarty are out, and have been replaced by vocalist Peter French and guitarist Werner Fritzschings. In addition keyboardist Duane Hitchings has joined the ranks. Although French is really good, and his blistering voice really gets the job done, I kind of miss the soulful warmth Day provided. The first three tracks are recorded live in Puerto Rico, and include versions of songs from their studio albums. Of the remaining five tracks, three have been written solely by the new members, shifting the songwriting axis, but retaining the hard hitting blues rock associated with the band. Not their best album, but songs like "Bedroom Mazurka" and "Telling You" are truly brilliant! This was to be the band's last album for many years.

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