tirsdag 11. februar 2014

11022014 - Claudia Scott "Follow the Lines"

Claudia Scott - what's there not to love? The warm voice, the winning smile, the GREAT songs... The guitar smashing? It's been about a zillion years since her last solo album, but it's better to make wonderful records every now and again than to deliver mediocre ones every year or so. And "Follow the Lines" is definitely a wonderful record that deserves the same international attention that Emmylou Harris or Nancy Griffith get. There's stuff here that could make Suzanne Vega or Sheryl Crow jealous, and any mature country rock fan will find plenty here to get excited about. This is an album I will come back to plenty of times, and from the first listen I can tell that this is the beginning of a long and lasting love affair! Damn it, I want to write so many pretty words about how instantly I have fallen in love with this album and just how good it is, but instead I will just tell you to check it out for yourself!

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