mandag 24. februar 2014

24022014 - Phone Joan "Turning Pages"

I already knew that Phone Joan are a brilliant band, and their 2010 debut, "The Early Sounds of Joan", is a superb piece of filthy and fuzzy psych rock with hints of heavily acid laden blues. For some reason I pretty much missed out on their second album, last year's "+47 91799466" (note to self: must check it out asap!), but here's their third effort and here I am too. And I am here to stay, because DAMN, this is good! The groove, the tunes, the production that somehow is equal parts primitive rawness and sophisticated sweetness... The performance! Carina Moen's vocals have an authority few other Norwegian singers can match, and find their way to the heart, the soul and the spine simultaneously, while Richard Haugen's guitars provide a droning mountain of sound that demands your attention! There are too many great tunes here to pick a favourite, but the title track, "Feathers", "Hear Me Out" and "Flintlock Court" are good examples of songs that showcase something both inspired and unique. A truly great rock album!

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