tirsdag 2. september 2014

02092014 - Frk. Fryd "Hjertebank"

Fresh energetic hard-ish power pop/rock from Stavanger! The four girls in Frk. Fryd have many influences, and wear quite a few of them on their sleeve. Perhaps other Norwegian bands singing in their native tongue, such as Raga Rockers, deserve a mention, but there's also definite hints of both Veruca Salt and Foo Fighters here. Vocalist Caroline Ekeli has a powerful voice that's filled with sunshine and honey, even when she sings about hating an ex lover, which makes a song like "Blod & Honning" even more powerful than if it had been spat out in a punk fashion. The riffs may be hard but they have hearts of the purest pink bubblegum, and therein lies the genius of this band: The charming and alluring smile combined with the punch of a pro boxer make this an irresistible piece of knockout candy!

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