lørdag 6. september 2014

06092014 - Cobra Starship "While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets"

Great band name! Love the album cover as well, and the title is not bad either. And their frontman used to be in the band Midtown, which I seem to recall that i sort of liked some years ago. But what is this? No, seriously, what IS this? Too much all at once, is what it is. Pop, rock, disco, emo, electronica, indie pop, garage rock, punk and more. I'll give them this, it's pretty catchy, so they have got that down. But as a whole? It probably needs more listens, but I'm not certain I'm prepared to give them that. Of course they have the whole too-long-and-WAY-too-clever song title thing going on as well, with the worst offender being "Send My Love to the Dance Floor I'll See You in Hell". And even though this album is from 2006, there has never been a good excuse to use vocoders in rock! I guess I'm not in their target group anyway, so they couldn't care less about the opinion of a guy like me, but on the other side I don't care about that, so here it is: Don't bite over more than the listeners are able to swallow!

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