mandag 29. september 2014

29092014 - Tini "Undo My Heart"

Light and breezy semi-acoustic pop, part melancholy and part joyful. Yeah, it's been done before, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Eliza Doolittle, Bic Runga, Nina Kinert and Unni Wilhelmsen have all delivered great stuff within those confines. So what about Tini? And, by the way, who the hell is Tini? Google tells me she was a contestant in one of those TV shows. I wouldn't know. Apparently she was one of the losers, and now she has an album. A real pretty album with some fairly decent songs, but there's nothing here that makes me fall in love with her songs or her voice. I would listen to this again if I had trouble sleeping. That's about it.

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