torsdag 11. september 2014

11092014 - Michael McDonald "If That's What It Takes"

Yeah yeah yeah, shame on me for not already having heard this album to death and knowing every single song in my sleep. But better late than never, eh? It is, of course, totally brilliant, and sounds every bit as fresh now as it did back in 1982. The one song I did already know is obviously the single "I Keep Forgettin'", an immortal classic if any. What I did not know was that Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller had been given songwriting credit for that song due to the similarities between this song and their song called, er, "I Keep Forgettin'" from 20 years previously (as covered by David Bowie!). Oh well, you live and learn I guess. And now that I have heard this album I too can join the ranks of people singing its praises. Because the entire thing is just wonderful!

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