lørdag 27. september 2014

27092014 - Rome "A Passage to Rhodesia"

Having seen this album recommended by people I trust I concluded that this was not the R&B singer Rome, and pressed "play" on my streaming media player. As I listened I did some research and discovered that this Rome is Mr Jerome Reuter from Luxembourg, a singer/songwriter who describes his own music as "experimental-industrial-folk" and "chanson noir". The latter description fits rather well, but what on earth is supposed to be experimental or industrial about this I have no idea. It's moody stuff, and I suspect the lyrics are pretty deep, but I have to admit I struggle to give this the attention it probably deserves as the songs drift into each other and they mostly very similar. I suppose you could mention Nick Cave as a reference point, but Reuter lacks the authority and distinct voice of Cave, and basically sounds a bit dull and lifeless. Or rather goth-theatrical. Just check out the almost Bay Laurel-esque "The Ballad of the Red Flame Lily" for some semi-acoustic goth pop, and decide for yourself whether this is your cup of tea or not.

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