lørdag 27. september 2014

25092014 - Muse "The Resistance"

Unlike a lot of people I know I never fell that hard for Muse, and so I have never taken the time to listen through a full album from them. So sue me. And even though four of the songs from their 2009 album became singles the only song I had heard before was album opener "Uprising", a great track that cleverly steals the best bits from two other songs by slightly different acts and melts them into one. It's definitely far from bad, and I really enjoy the blatant Queen-isms of the rather pretentiously titled "United States of Eurasia [+Collateral Damage]", if not so much the equally blatant Radiohead-isms of "Unnatural Selection". So although this is pleasant enough it's not nearly enough to convert me into a Muse fan.

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