lørdag 27. september 2014

24092014 - Red Hot Chili Peppers "Mother's Milk"

Yes. Believe it or not, but I never listened to this album in its entirety. Before now. And I find this pretty strange myself, considering how I played the follow-up, 1991's "Blood Sugar Sex Magic", completely to death, and the only natural thing to do should have been digging into the catalogue. Today I (like any other sensible person) find RHCP to be one of the most boring and annoying bands on the planet, but how about this 25 year old thing? Fresh? Exciting? Charming? Nope. It's very energetic, I'll give them that. And as this is from the time before Anthony Kiedis - one of the weakest voices in rock ever - fancied himself a soulful crooner there's none of that godawful moaning that seems to be all he ever does these days. However, this is still an album made by the musical equivalent of hackeysack kickers and stick jugglers. If these songs had been park dwellers they would have been white men with dreads and beads. Totally unexciting, and in 25 years, when this album turns 50, I will not have listened to it again.

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