søndag 7. september 2014

07092014 - Honeymoon Suite "The Big Prize"

Softness, sweet softness! Actually it's not all Keyboard City from these sweet Canucks, but the edges are never sharp enough to tear flesh. Still, the two opening tracks have plenty of guitar and the third is pretty rockin' as well. In a totally family friendly and safe way, of course. "What Does It Take" is the Big Ballad, and a song with a chorus so huge that it might have been just a Tom Cruise movie away from making Honeymoon Suite the biggest band in the world back in 1986, if you get my drift. It's relatively standard AOR fare, but thankfully standard high quality AOR fare most of the time. The album sags a bit towards the end, and I don't know what they were hoping to achieve with the flute on "All Along You Knew", but I really wish they hadn't. Of the ten tracks on this album I would say that half are totally brilliant, and the rest are relatively forgettable. "What Does It Take" is still great enough for me to recommend the whole album!

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