onsdag 17. september 2014

17092014 - Leonard Cohen "Popular Problems"

What on earth do people see in Leonard Cohen? His voice has got to be the worst ever. He's not even singing! Yup, those were my thoughts about 30 years ago when my mother insisted on playing "Various Positions" all the time. And me? I was 11, and just did not grok it! I did after a while reluctantly admit to enjoying a couple of tracks on "I'm Your Man" four years later though, and I guess that's it - you need to come of age to properly enjoy some artists, Leonard Cohen possibly the ultimate case in point. So how about now? He's 80 bloody years old, and has nothing to prove, as a songwriter or a vocalist - because, let's face it, Leonard Cohen was never a "singer". Still he manages to deliver one of his best albums ever, one that gives me the same kind of vibes I got from Bob Dylan's "Time Out of Mind". This is a great album, and one that I know I will still be listening to in 30 years. Highlighting particular songs is hard, because they are all so damn good, with Cohen's lyrics hitting as hard as his deeper-than-ever voice. I am now older than my mother was back in 1984, and I somehow doubt that my own 11 year old son is likely to get excited by this album just yet, which to me that means all is well in the world. In 30 years he might read these words, give "Popular Problems" a listen and dig what's going on. And how cool would it be if Leonard Cohen had a new album out that year as well!

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