onsdag 10. september 2014

10092014 - Interpol "El Pintor"

The original plan was the following two word review: "Pompous shit". But that was before I heard the music on this album. Now I feel the need to tell the world exactly how much this is pompous shit, and why. First of all - yes, I see what you did with the album title. Very clever, now rock souffle guy! So, the music. I need to address those guitars. Trying to sound like a more shrill version of The Edge does not make you edgy, just annoying. At one point I felt they had gone on forever with that thing, until I realized I was still on the second song. Song. Songs. Yes, the songs - there's that, too. They should probably have written some. Because this is mostly some kind of sound and feeling that you're supposed to lose yourself in, and then what? They hope people aren't going to notice a distinct lack of hooks and choruses? Or the fact that the times they are trying to deliver something chorus-y that bloody guitar pops up again and tries to drown out the vocals? By the way, the vocals are incredibly annoying as well, with their "Michael Stipe without emotions" delivery and constant echoes, reverb or other effects making listening to this album the aural version of being stuck in a maze of mirrors with Narcissus himself. By the end of the album my ears are so full of this streamlined anti-rock they want to throw up, and I desperately want to hear something with a little bit of grit. Something with heart and soul. Interpol have made an album for people with extremely expensive stereo equipment and no musical taste. 

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