torsdag 2. oktober 2014

02102014 - Superchrist "Holy Shit"

One of the best metal bands on the scene these days is Dawnbringer, led by the omnipresent bandleader, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chris "Professor" Black. This is his Motörhead inspired band, and their sixth (and so far last) album, from 2012. Apparently this band is currently on hold while Black juggles 4 or 5 other bands and projects, which is a shame as this is a really cool album with songs that are great and have plenty of identity despite the obvious influences. This might be because the Professor puts his own stamp so clearly upon the material, especially vocally, that nobody could ever accuse Superchrist of being mere copies of anything. And there's also a lot of other influences to be felt, such as Saxon, Thin Lizzy and plenty of NBOBHM, which is nice. The end result being something that is unique and fresh and a homage rather than a rip-off.

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