fredag 31. oktober 2014

31102014 - Fiona "Peyond the Pale"

Remember Fiona? Nor do that many others, I presume. To me she was just someone from the pages of Kerrang! as I never got to hear her music back when she, uh, had a career. Listening to this now it's easy to see why she never made it big, as this is pretty void of identity. Even though album opener "Tragedy" is pretty decent and her voice has a nice Terri Nunn-like quality to it the songs in general are mostly below par, and in AOR that's the biggest sin of them all as there's nothing more boring than generic AOR. And there's really nothing here (with the possible exceptions of the aforementioned track and semi-ballad "He's on My Side") that would make me want to listen to this instead of artists like Pat Benatar, Robin Beck or Berlin.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Did you give up the last two months?

    1. There were issues, both technical and otherwise. But I'm back now!