tirsdag 14. oktober 2014

14102014 - Wire "Pink Flag"

This is one of those I can't explain. I have no good reason whatsoever why I never got into Wire or even have a passing knowledge of their catalogue. I know this is wrong. And from the first chords of magnificent opener "Reuters" this is confirmed. Dammit, this is cool stuff! I do believe Elastica ('member them?) stole the riff of "Three Girl Rhumba" for their song "Connection", and I'm pretty sure a lot of other riffs here have been inspirational for plenty of bands I like. I even recognize some of the songs from cover versions. There's all of 21 tracks on the thing, and one listen is far from enough to let it all sink in, but I get why this is considered an important album by bands and critics alike. It's filthy enough to be punk, but it's rock'n'roll at the core and where some of the songs are hauntingly melodic others are abrasive and slightly hostile, but they all pack a mean punch and even the really really short ones have enough identity for them not to just fly by in a blur. "Strange" is another immediate fave, but there's so much here to enjoy that they could all become favorites at some point if I listen often enough. And believe me, I will!

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