søndag 5. oktober 2014

05102014 - The Fat Dukes of Fuck "You and Your Opinion"

I remember digging these guys' 2012 album "Honey From the Lips of an Angel", a record with some real gems beneath the sick and childish humour. This album is from 2009, and delivers a lot of the same sonic attack. With song titles like "Will There Be Poop?" and "Penetration Celebration" you know it's not gonna be soft hugs and pats on the back, but that would not be what you're looking for from a band called The Fat Dukes of Fuck, would it?. The references are still Melvins, certain Mike Patton related bands and other delightful nasties, with equal parts noise, groove, heaviness and sickness. It's perhaps a tad less accessible than "Honey…", which means very little I guess, but it's also very cool in all its uncompromising ugliness, which means a lot.

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