lørdag 18. oktober 2014

18102014 - Rita Moss "Talk to Me, Tiger!"

So I found this list called "The 101 strangest records on Spotify" when I did research while writing an earlier post, and if they are there I suppose I can find them on WiMP as well. This is the first record on the list, and it's full of lovely cocktail jazz delivered by a nightclub singer who at the time of this album's release in 1966 performed regularly at Hollywood's Exotica Club and Lakewood Boulevard's Polynesian-themed Tahitian Village Restaurant and Bar. Her deliverance of standards like "Misty" and "Fly Me to the Moon" are sweet as sugar, but what sets her apart from many others in the same genre is her four-octave range that really makes this… something else. Strange? Perhaps. Different? Definitely. Worth checking out? Oh, yes!

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