mandag 27. oktober 2014

27102014 - Buck 65 "Neverlove"

I seem to recall digging a Buck 65 album years ago - perhaps as far back as the 90's - but I can't remember which one. I do remember enjoying his mix of hip-hop and blues with everything and anything tossed into the pot and fitting together as well! This album starts brilliantly with the dark "Gates of Hell", followed by the disturbingly sweet "Je T'aime Mon Amour", but after a couple of more tracks there's a nice, but not very inspired hip-hop ballad. I guess it's supposed to set some kind of mood, but it doesn't work for me. Then we get the dreadful "Heart of Stone", which sounds like a serious bid for a regular r'n'b/pop single. What the hell happened to sounding alternative and daring? And if it's meant as a parody it's not funny! Even less so is the semi-trance pop abortion that is "Super Pretty Naughty". After this the entire album is ruined for me anyway, but there's nothing remotely exciting happening after this, mostly just very competent, but very plain poppy hip-hop, the kind of which would not sound out of place on a school disco. Not necessarily bad, but disappointing for someone who wanted this to sound fresh and edgy. The last two songs are pretty ok, but by this time I have lost interest. Do yourself a favor, stream the first four tunes, and stop there.

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