fredag 17. oktober 2014

17102014 - Witch Cross "Fit for Fight"

Gotta love that classic shameless METAL! Danish band Witch Cross released this gem back in 1984 - that's 30 years ago, muthas! Little did they know that this kind of metal would go completely out of style not many years later, and even less that there would be a revival even bigger than the original wave, ultimately inspiring them to reform in 2011, 25 years after splitting up, and even recording a follow-up album! From the album opener, "Night Flight to Tokyo", you know what you're gonna get, and from there on it's take it or leave it; take it if you enjoy great traditional metal with powerful riffs, intense soloing and brilliant air raid siren vocals, and leave it if you don't - your loss! You've got your fast songs, your mid tempo ones and some heavier tunes, all of them anthems! What more can you ask for?

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