tirsdag 28. oktober 2014

28102014 - Karin Wright "You Got the Silver"

I remember when Norwegian country music sounded very Norwegian and nothing like anything that ever came out of the country that created country music. When performers thought a Stetson was all it took, and so did the record buyers. And even the good ones didn't really sound authentically American, which, let's face it, all proper country music should. Well, just this year there's been several brilliant Norwegian acts that sound like they come from various parts of that land, and this is one of those. I guess the word we're looking for is "authentic". Or how about "heartfelt"? "Real" and "true" are two more of my favorites. Karin Wright knows that you gotta have a fiddler in the band (and a mandolin player too!), and her country songs are mostly of the broken hearted kind, which always was the best kind anyway. Her voice gives you just the slightest hint that at least a few of these songs are based on experience, but whatever bad has happened in her love life ended up as songs to lift our spirits, so hey, lost some, won some I guess? This is an album I would recommend to all lovers of the genre any day, so to me "You Got the Silver" is pure gold.

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