søndag 26. oktober 2014

26102014 - Karla Bonoff "Restless Nights"

Karla Bonoff is someone you don't hear many people talk about these days. I guess there were no huge hits and no big tragedy to remember her by, just four albums, released between 1977-1988 and a song on the "Footloose" soundtrack. Since then, not much. A song from her last album made it to the "8 Seconds" soundtrack in 1994, and she has a song on a Jackson Browne tribute album released earlier this year. And apparently she is still touring, mainly in USA and Japan, but she still pretty much qualifies for the "Where are they now?" file. This album, released in 1979, is a good one, with good songs and she has a good voice. Still, it's easy to see why she's more known for her songwriting, as most songs here could have been great in the hands of singers with a bit more personality, like Bonnie Raitt or Linda Ronstadt, both of whom have recorded songs written by Bonoff, including the opening song on this record. Cute, but far from classic.

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