mandag 13. oktober 2014

13102014 - Eliza Doolittle "In Your Hands"

Pretty pretty pop music from the cutesie Londonette who had me charmed with the single "Skinny Genes" from her debut album. She remains in the area between Lily Allen/Kate Nash-simplicity and All Saints/early Nelly Furtado pop with just a tiny amount of R&B. The song "Make Up Sex" is Natasha Bedingfield lawsuit material, but catchy enough for me not to care, and even if none of the songs on "In Your Hands" match the whistling charms of "Skinny Genes" there's plenty of pleasant catchiness to go around, and, let's face it, sometimes that's all you need. Oh, and "Big When I Was Little", placed almost right at the end of the album, is a total charmer of a song!

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